What is a Backlink | How to Create Backlinks and its Benefits

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most important factor to rank your website or blog. There are many things that are important in SEO.

One of these is backlinks. Do you know what is a backlink which term is used in SEO? If not then this article may be helpful to you and all bloggers.

what is a backlink
So what is a backlink is this question in your mind? We hope by reading this article you have a clear idea of backlinks. 

Every blogger wants to rank their blog and grow business then they must know about backlinks.

Because without backlinks none of any website or blog may easily rank. In rare care, If a blog ranks without backlinks that is just magic.

In this article we are going to learn about backlinks. Link is an address of the specific webpage. we know that when we click on a link we redirect to another webpage.

But the main question is what is the purpose of the link? We use links to get more information from other sources that may be blogs, websites or any social media platform.

Backlink is the backbone of SEO that ranks your website or blog. So let’s start to get more information about this most important concept of SEO.

What is a backlink ?

Backlink is a type of link that redirects users from another website or blog to your blog. e.g. if you have created a quality post and you insert the link of that post to a famous or already top-ranked webpage that is a backlink.

Users visit that blog and click on your post link to get more information. By this you get more traffic and your blog will rank top.

It means backlink is a platform or gateway that connects two or more web pages. I think you have understood what is a backlink with the help of the above example. 

Now we will discuss some important backlink related terms.

Link Juice:

When someone clicks on a link that is inserted on another webpage then that link flows to your webpage or article or homepage that we called Link Juice. 

Link juice is important in the backlink. It creates a connection between two or more websites or blogs. 

Link juice plays an important role to rank your website or blog. If you want to stop link juice, then as a blogger you can use the NoFollow tag in your blog. 

We will discuss the NoFollow tag next to this article.

Low-Quality backlinks:

If you create a backlink on span websites, porn websites, hacking-related websites then that backlink is called low quality backlink. 

If you create that type of backlinks then you may be punished or if you have a Google AdSense account then it may be blocked. 

That’s why every blogger must create a high-quality backlink for their website or blog.

High-Quality backlinks:

High-Quality backlinks are the exact opposite of Low-Quality backlinks. When you create a backlink on websites or blogs that are already popular and top-ranked, that backlink is called a High-Quality backlink. 

You can create a backlink on the social media platform like Facebook, tweeter, Quora, Pinterest, etc. every blogger must create a High-Quality backlink for their blog to rank top.

Quality backlinks:

Suppose your blog is related to Technology and you created a backlink from a blog that is related to fashion then why visitors want to redirect to your blog using a backlink? 

That may impact your ranking and Nobody wants to redirect to your blog. That is not a quality backlink if you don’t know what is a backlink then read first that which we have already discussed. 

You must get backlink only from those blogs or web pages that are related to your blog niche/subject. If you create a Quality backlink then your blog gets more traffic and your blog will rank top.

Internal Links:

You have seen many links on a web page that redirect to another webpage of the same website or blog that links are called internal links. 

E.g. suppose your Adsense related post is most ranked and want to rank another post that has not sufficient traffic then you can insert a link of that post or article on a ranked post or article. 

When visitors visit your ranked post then they may click on that link and redirect to your no ranked post. That way your other post also will rank. 

You must create internal links within your blog that is the most important fact for every blogger who wants to rank their blog.

So, friends, we have discussed in detail what is a backlink and some important terms related to backlink. Now we are going to learn the types of backlinks.

There are two types of backlinks that are DoFollow backlink and NoFollow backlink. Let’s discuss it in detail.

types of backlinks

Types of backlinks

1) DoFollow backlink:

When you get a backlink from any post or article then DoFollow backlink helps to pass link juice. DoFollow backlink enabled default for all links. The format of DoFollow backlink is:
<a href=”http://www.google.com/”>Google</a>

Default it does not require any attribute to create backlink but if you want to use attribute then for that the format is:

<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”do-follow”>Google</a>

E.g. <a href=”https://www.mindblowinfo.com/” rel=”do-follow”>Google</a>
Using attribute rel=”no-follow” you can stop redirection from a backlink. You can also create a backlink using just a URL.

2) NoFollow backlink:

If you do not want to get a backlink from other sources for that you must create a NoFollow backlink. It's very simple just add rel=”no-follow” attribute in your URL. format for making a NoFollow backlink is:
<a href=”http://www.yourwebsite.com/” rel=”no-follow”>Google</a>

But there are many disadvantages to using NoFollow backlink. If you create a NoFollow backlink then your blog or website will be down-ranking in search engine. 

For security reasons you can use NoFollow backlink for your specific post of the article.

So friends after what is a backlink and types of backlinks further we will learn how to create a quality backlink.

Backlinks can be created by the following methods:

1) Writing quality content:

If you write quality content in your blog post then anyone wants to share your post or link your post to their article. 

In this way your post or article gets a quality backlink from popular blogs. but you must have quality content in your article.

2) Guest post:

There are many websites that allow guest post writing on their blog. 

Find your niche related blog and write some text on a specific topic and to get more information insert your article link that way you get a quality backlink. 

This is the best way to promote your blog using guest post writing. 

3) Start commenting:

As a blogger, you must read more articles and watch videos to improve your writing skills. 

When you read an article that is related to your blog niche/subject. in the comment box type some text or answer visitors questions and insert your article link. 

Many visitors read your comment and redirect to your blog by using an inserted link.

4) requesting for backlink:

You can request a backlink from a popular blogger to get a backlink from their blog. 

If your content is unique and has quality then you can get an easy backlink from other bloggers by requesting them.

We have already learned what is a backlink now let's discuss the benefits of backlinks.

Benefits of backlinks:

1) Organic Traffic:

When you create quality backlinks for your blog then search engines rank your blog and suggest your blog to the audience. That way you get more organic traffic. create quality backlinks for your blog to get top ranking.

2) Quick indexing:

By using backlinks your blog gets popularity and search engines start quickly indexing your posts. That is the most important benefit of backlinks.

3) Referral traffic:

You also share a good post after reading it; the same way if your article has good quality content then visitors refer your post to their friends. By this you get more referral traffic.

So, friends, we have discussed the most important SEO factor: what is a backlink and some important terms also benefits of backlinks.

We hope that you like this article, please share this article to your friends.

Thank you.

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