How to Extend 'C' Disk drive Volume Size in your Computer

Many of us may be using a computer or a laptop. In this modern age of technology, it is very important and necessary to be able to use devices like smartphones, computers, or laptops.

increase c drive size

We save all information or other data or files in the Phone memory or memory card in the mobile as well as on the hard disk drive of the computer or laptop.

Generally, the windows operating system and other software files are installed on the C drive that's why the C drive must require more space may be greater than 80-100 GB.

When the memory of the device you are using is full, its working speed decreases. 

In particular, if the operating system is installed on a 'C' drive in a computer or laptop, your computer or laptop will start to hang after the drive 'C' is full. 

In that case, your other drives have a lot of space, but the computer is not running properly because the 'C' drive is full. 

At that time, we think of formatting a computer, and that idea is natural, isn't it? 

This is because you do not know how to use the space in other drives for the 'C' drive or How to Extend any Disk Volume Size in your Computer. 

In this article we are going to give you information on how to increase the space of any drive in very simple steps and this information will be very useful for everyone.

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How to Extend 'C' or any Disk drive 
Volume Size in your Computer

there are many methods to extend any disk volume size in your computer but in some methods, there will be a security issue occur. 

Method: 1

you can extend your 'C' drive volume size by Run a command. click on start button>Search>Run then enter "diskmgmt.msc" command in Run program.

you will see all drive volume with drive letter. right-click on 'C' drive then you will see there is an option called 'extend volume' but that will be disabled. see following fig.

Disk Management
Fig. 1

you can extend any disk drive volume except 'C' drive by this method because of security reasons.

if you want to extend your 'C' drive and also other drive volume size then follow the second method.

Method: 2

using this method, you can extend the C drive volume size in your computer. you can allocate space for C drive from another Drive volume. 

first of all you must have a third party software called 'Mini Tool Partition Wizard'. you can download a free version of this software here.

When you install this software it looks like the following interface.   

Partition Wizard tool
Fig. 2

Suppose you have 500GB of hard disk and 100GB of C drive which is used more than 90GB space and have other free space drives. 

do you know that you can extend your C drive space from other drives space?

To extend drive volume space from another free space drive for that there are four steps and you must carefully read these steps.
  1. Create Unallocated space from free space drive.
  2. Extend from Unallocated space
let's go ahead step by step to extend C disk drive volume size. 

Step: 1 Create Unallocated space from free space drive

to create unallocated space from another drive volume, follow these steps.
Open Mini Tool Partition Wizard (Fig. 2)> Right-click on the drive from which you want to take space > Click on Move/Resize option. 

After that, you see a new window dialog box. type required size in Unallocated space after section that will increase your C drive volume size. 

suppose you want to increase your C Drive volume size by 20 GB then type '20' in Unallocated space after section and then click OK.
after that you will see 1 pending operation at the bottom-left section of the window, exact below that there are two options Apply and Undo. to perform an unallocated space creation operation, click on Apply and then yes > Ok. 

If you look at the C drive, you will not see an increase in its size. Don't worry, your work is not done yet.

Ok fine you create a successful Unallocated space. now the next step is to Extend your C drive Volume Size from Unallocated space.

Step: 2 Extend from Unallocated Space

Now in this step, we will use unallocated space for C drive. for that follow these steps...
Right Click on C drive or any other drive which you want to extend its size > Click on Extend option and you see a new Extend Partition window dialog box.

you see a drop-down menu for the Take free space from option. select the 20 GB unallocated space option from the drop-down menu option. that 20 GB unallocated space created at our Step 1. 

next, you see a question How much free space do you want to take? just drag slider 100% to right site to take 100% space from unallocated space that is 20 GB. then click Ok.

Again you see a Pending operation at the bottom-left side section of the window. to complete the operation just click on Apply then yes and Ok

Wow! you have successfully extend your C drive volume size.

I hope you understand all these steps properly. If you do not understand, read this article again.


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