What is VPN-Virtual Private Network? Which are the best VPN Applications in 2020?

VPN-Virtual Private Network

      Hello friends, in this modern age of technology we are using different technologies in our daily life. Just as you can see the advantages of technology, there are also its disadvantages too!

 today there are many people have a smartphone and they are also using it smartly. The security of the technology you use is very important.

VPN-Virtual Private Network

Today the Internet is a big source of Information. We can communicate with each other through the internet. So this raises the question of cyber security, the big question is whether anyone else is listening or watching your Conversation. 

At the same time, there are various questions may arise in your mind as to who else is looking at what you have searched in the browser.

Whether you know it or not, the information you search for on the Internet comes to you from servers located in different countries. 

Even if a particular country cannot see or banned certain information in a particular country, the government is bound by it, but that information can be seen easily. 

So how can that information be viewed? So it takes the help of a new technology and that technology is VPN-Virtual Private Natwork!

So in this article we will look at what is VPN-Virtual Private Network and what VPN Software is currently suitable for use?

What is VPN-Virtual Private Natwork? 

A virtual private network , or VPN, is an encrypted connection between a computer and a network over the Internet. The encrypted link helps ensure secure transmission of confidential data. 

This prevents unauthorized persons from eavesdropping on the traffic and allows the user to carry out remote work. In corporate environments VPN technology is commonly used.

VPN-virtual private network is a programming that creates a secure , encrypted connection. Typically, it is used on a less secure network, such as the public Internet Connection.

How is a VPN-Virtual Private Network works?

A VPN extends a corporate network over encrypted Internet connections. Since the communication between the system and the network is encrypted, data is kept secret as it moves. 

An employee can work outside of the office and yet link securely to the corporate network. You can even connect smartphones and tablets via a VPN.

VPN tunneling creates a point-to - point connection that unauthorized users can not access. In order to actually create a tunnel, the endpoint device needs to run a VPN client (software application) locally or in the cloud. 

The client is running in the background. This is not noticeable to the end user unless there are performance issues.

Performance can be affected by many factors, such as the speed of users' internet connections, the protocol types that an internet provider may use, and the type of encryption that it uses. 

In the enterprise, performance may also be affected by poor quality of service outside the control of the IT department of the organization.

Uses of VPN-Virtual Private Network:

  • You can use VPN to secure you WiFi Connection.
  • You can browse websites or Applications that may be banned in your country.
  • If You want to don't save your browsing history in browser then you must you VPN.
  • Using VPN, some times you can connect faster server outside country to increase your Speed of internet connection.
  • Top Social media Platforms like Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, WhatApp etc. are using VPN to secure data.
  • You can Open blocked content or websites by using VPN.
  • You can make secure transactions by using VPN.
  • You can use VPN on your computer as well as on your Android smartphone too.

Which are the best VPN Applications?

There are lot of free or Paid VPN Applications are available. between them we select few best Free VPN Applications.

  1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN:

  • free 500MB/Day 
  • User-friendly interface
  • lot of premier features for free.
  • Visit: Hotspot Shield

    2.Tunnel Bear Free VPN:

  • free 500MB/Month
  • Get easily around
  • Solid number of servers available
  • Visit: Tunnel Bear VPN 

    3. Proton free VPN:

  • Unlimited monthly traffic uses
  • High Level security privacy
  • No ads
  • Better Speed
  • Visit: Proton VPN

    4. Windscribe VPN:

  • High secure
  • 25 best server locations
  • Top Privacy
  • High monthly bandwidth
  • Speeds might be a bit unpredictable
  • Visit: Windscribe VPN
    5. Speedify VPN:
Top Speeds
Strong Secutity
Plenty of Servers are available
Visit: Speedify VPN

There is no guarantee that the above applications that provide the best VPN services  will always be free. Maybe in a few months or a few years you will have to pay for it.

We hope you enjoy the article.


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