Google AdSense

Hi friends, if you want to earn money through your blog, youtube videos or application then this article will be very useful to you.

When you visit a website or blog, watching youtube videos or using Applications on your smartphone then you see ads there. these ads are shown by Google Adsense Adwords Network.

Google AdSense

Yes we are going to know Google AdSense ad network. by this many bloggers or YouTubers earn much more money and you too want to earn money then read this article carefully because every blogger or YouTuber must know what is Google AdSense.

in this article, we will discuss about what is Google AdSense? How can you earn money by AdSense? how to apply and what are the requirement to apply AdSense and much more.
So let's Start

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an Ad service Powered by Google. Google provides some free services like, creating a blog, uploading videos on YouTube, make an application for smartphones, etc. 

these services are absolutely free. but why free? this is a genuine question. you might be surprised that Google earns much more money using our uploaded contents or videos! 

Google using our content because Google does not have its own content or videos. 

that means we are also a part of Google Network. our contribution is also most important to this Google AdSense Ad Network. 

When we create a blog or upload a video, Google AdSense display ads on blog or videos. 

by displaying ads, Google, and also we earn money by advertisers that is Google AdSense.

there are many alternatives to AdSense are available but Google AdSense is the most popular and genuine Ad network system. 

How Google AdSense Works?

Suppose you have a business and want to grow your business then you must promote your products. 

there are many ways to promote a product like Advertising in News Paper, on Television, on a website or blog, and through videos. 

the same way that Google AdSense display ads of advertiser's product on blog, website, application, or on youtube videos that are uploaded or created by blogger or YouTuber.

Google pays some amount of money to the publisher (Content Creator) means to Blogger or Youtuber. but the question is what is the benefit of Google in this AdSense ad Network?  

AdSense Ads

Let me explain, to show commercial ads on blogs, websites, applications or on YouTube videos, businessmen pay some amount of money to Google. 

among them Google takes some amount of money and gives some amount of money to the publisher. i.e. to you. 

that's it in this process businessmen promote their product through ads, and Google and publisher earn some amount of money. but why a businessman come to Google to promote their business?

So there are 74000 search performs in a second on Google search for text content and 80000 search perform in a second for YouTube videos! it's amazing. 

we can infer from this that, how Google is popular and have much more audience. that's why any businessman gives first preference to Google AdSense Ad Words Network.

Google AdSense performs a magical task. when you visit any website, you see ads related to your interesting things. what magic! for this, Google uses your cookies from your computer.

Criteria for Google AdSense

if you want to apply for Google AdSense you must have a blog or YouTube channel. 

you can use only one AdSense account for the blog, YouTube, and application. Google can not easily approve your AdSense request. there are some requirements to get Google AdSense approval. these are as follow:


if you use a free subdomain for your blog then your blog must 6 months old with at least 25 to 30 quality content posts as per Google AdSense guidelines.

if you use Top-level domain then you can apply anytime for Google AdSense. but your blog must meet some requirements like 25 to 30 quality content posts as per AdSense guidelines.

What is the domain name?

you can not apply your blog for AdSense if your blog content is copied or have sexual, illegal, or crime and hacking promotional content.

you can not use translated content from any language. because your content must be unique.

if your blog meets all requirements and follow Google AdSense guideline then you can apply for AdSense.

your blog must have 6 types of pages that are very important to get AdSense approval. 

these are 1) About Us, 2) Contact Us, 3) Privacy Policy, 4) Copyright, 5) Disclaimer, and 6) terms and conditions. without these pages you can not get approval for Google AdSense.


 Google AdSense ads are also displayed on YouTube videos in the form of short video clips. before you apply for AdSense your channel must meet the following requirements.
  • you must have a Google account and YouTube channel.
  • you must upload quality videos regularly as per AdSense guidelines.
  • your YouTube channel must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time within a year.

Google AdSense products or services:

Google AdSense account provide us following services that are also called as products:
1) AdSense for Content: this is used for Blog or website with the top-level domain name
2) AdSense for Search: you can monetize google search engine for AdSense account
3) AdSense for Games: you can create and play HTML games on your blog that can be monetized.
4)AdSense for Videos Streaming: if you have a video streaming site then you can use this product.
5) AdSense for Shopping: if you use an e-commerce site for selling products you can use this product.
6) Ad Mob: this product is used for smartphone applications.
7) AdSense for Content Host: if you use a subdomain for your blog then this product activated for your blog.
8) AdSense for YouTube Host: if you have a YouTube channel then you will be used this service.

Types of Google AdSense Account

there are two types of AdSense account.

1) Hosted Account:

Hosted account means AdSense is active for those services which host by Google. 

for example, etc. these services are hosted by Google. so that type of account is called as Hosted AdSense Account.

2) Non-Hosted Account:

Non-Hosted account means AdSense is activated for those services which are not hosted by Google. 

for example if you any top-level domain like .com, .net, .org for your blog and AdSense activated for that type of blog so that account is called are non-hosted AdSense account.
we hope you like this article.
Thanks for giving us your valuable time.
there are two types of Google account. 

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  1. Mairey adsense account main 22 din se ad limit error a raha hai please tell me ye error kese fix ho ga
    Issue account being assessed a raha hai
    My email

  2. Mairey adsense account main 22 din se ad limit error a raha hai please tell me ye error kese fix ho ga
    Issue account being assessed a raha hai
    My email


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