What is CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA in Google Adsense?


If you are a blogger or a YouTuber and have a Google AdSense account or want to get approve Google AdSense account then this article will be very helpful to you.
The main purpose of the AdSense account is to earn money. there are a lot of factors that may affect your earnings; like CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA in AdSense.

So, What is CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA in Google AdSense?

We know that Google AdSense shows ads on the Blogger page or on Youtube videos and by this, we earn some amount of money.

When you open your AdSense Account then you see CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA tabs in the report section. do you know what are these tabs?
if your answer is 'no' then in this article you will better know what is CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA in AdSense.

We will discuss one-by-one tabs with examples for better understand.
So let's start.

1) CPM

What is CPM in AdSense?

CPM means 'Cost Per Thousand.' in CPM Google consider 'M' as a Thousand in Roman Number System. 

CPM is the most important factor for both Advertiser and Publisher. publisher means Content Creator. i.e. Blogger or YouTuber

but actually what is the meaning of CPM-Cost Per Thousand?

Let's take an example. suppose an Advertiser wants advertising on Blogger or on Youtube to promote their product. 

for that Advertiser apply the request to Google AdWords and determine a specific Amount for 1000 ad views. that is Cost Per Thousand (CPM).

in short,
CPM= Specific Cost for 1000 advertisement Views that seen by Audiences.

2) CPC

What is CPC in AdSense?

CPC means 'Cost Per Click' this is also a very important factor for both Advertiser and Publisher. 

in Google AdSense money can be earned in two ways (1) CPM- Cost Per Thousand and (2) CPC- Cost Per Click. we have already discussed What is CPM in AdSense.
Let's Know the actual meaning of CPC with an example for better understand.

Suppose an Advertiser's Advertisement displaying on your blog and Completed 1000 Ad Views by Audiences that is CPM; but what if some people click on that advertisement? 

in that situation, Advertiser must have pay different amount of money for that clicks to Google and Google also pay different Amount of money to the Publisher for those clicks. that is CPC-Cost Per Click.

in the previous example of CPM, the cost of CPM is fixed i.e. fixed cost for 1000 ad views but in CPC the cost of CPC-Cost Per Click is different according to a valuable keyword. if the keyword is costly then the CPC will high and vice-versa.

in Short,
CPC= Cost for Clicks on Advertisement by Audience.

3) CTR

What is CTR in AdSense?

CTR means 'Click Through Rate' there are many ads displaying on a blog and suppose seen by 1000 viewers that is CPM (Cost Per Thousand). 

among them, 150 people click on those ads. That is CPC (Cost Per Click) (we have already discussed What is CPC in Adsense?) and the total percentage of clicks (CPC) on 1000 views (CPM) is the CTR-Click Through Rate.

this is not an earning point but it shows the total earnings earned by CPM and CPC.

in Short,
the formula of CTR is CTR=(CPC×100)÷CPM,
if CPM=1000, CPC=150 then,

you must maintain your CTR. if your CTR increased greater than 15% then it's a danger zone; Google may disable your AdSense account.

4) RPM

What is RPM in AdSense? 

RPM means 'Revenue Per Thousand Impressions'. to better understand What is RPM, let's take an example.
earn money

Suppose your Blog gets 1000 advertisement views i.e. CPM then Google will pay some amount of money against your CPM. 

now if there are some people who click on displaying ads i.e. CPC. then Google also pays some different amounts of money against CPC. it means your total earnings may CPM+CPC which is RPM-Revenue Per Thousand Impressions.

in short,
RPM= Total earnings from CPM+Total earnings from CPC.

5) CPA

What is CPA in AdSense?

CPA means 'Cost Per Action'. some affiliate marketing companies or e-commerce companies pay different amounts to Google for Advertisement according to Action taken by Audience

these Actions maybe just click action, sign Up Action, take a survey action, form fill up action, purchase a product action, etc. that is CPA-Cost Per Action.

So friends, in this article we have learned what is CPM, CPC, CTR, RPM, CPA in AdSense.
we hope you like this article. please share this article with your Blogger or YouTuber friend.

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Thank you!

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