What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many of us heard about Artificial Intelligence but there are some people they don't know What is Artificial Intelligence.

in this article, we will learn what is Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, factors about Artificial Intelligence and much more.

Artificial Intelligence

when we just think about Artificial Intelligence then we imagine Robotics but Artificial Intelligence not limited to Robotics. this is a very expanded and growing Technology that we have just started using Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Today we are using many types of Machines to reduce hard work, time as well as money. as new Technologies developed, developed Technology made the pleasure of human life.

Artificial Intelligence means Making a Machine that behave like human behavior with the help of modern science and engineering Technology.

definition of Artificial Intelligence:

Sir John Mccarthy define the term Artificial Intelligence as,'The science and engineering of making intelligent Machine especially intelligent computer programs.'

it's not easy as we think to make this type of technology. there are many challenges to make this type of Technology. now we are trying to make Robots that can perform many tasks like humans.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

there are many applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) some are as follow:

1) Simulated Gaming:

In the beginning, the US Army developed Simulated games for training purposes. 

many Stimulated games are now available. these games are used for entertainment and also for training. e.g. in Driving school institutions, in the Aviation training institution and vice versa.

simulation gaming
there are many benefits of Simulated games. it saves a life, decrease risks during training, also save money and time. we feel reality in using this type of game. that amazing thing of simulated gaming.

2) Vision System:

Drones, cameras, sensors are some gadgets that we use for multiple purposes. 

these gadgets intelligently perform a task e.g. spy cameras record or capture only if there is any movement. we can change this setting as per our need. 

these gadgets are using sensors. same way drones are also performing intellectual tasks.

3) Expert System:

A Machine works through Software Knowledge Base, that system is called Expert System. 

e.g. flight system helps to pilot to navigate, Google Navigation System that tells us about direction, traffic, weather, etc.

4) Speech Recognition:

a system that recognizes your speech and respond according to your speech. e.g. Google Assistant is a well-known application for speech recognition.

many of us are using Google Assistant. it works on Software Knowledge Base which means we already instruct to system than how we can behave and respond according to our speech.

5) Handwriting Recognition:

there are many applications are available that recognize your handwriting. by using a touch pen, touchpad, we can write some text in our handwriting and application to recognize it.


besides, there are many more such applications of AI (Artificial Intelligence) are available.

What is Intelligence?

we can measure Human height, weight, etc. but can not measure human intelligence accurately.

intelligence means the ability to think, to solve problems, to make decisions, to take actions according to situation, gives proper response is called Intelligence.

intelligence was trying to measured using the following factors.

1) Reasoning:

the ability to make the decision, gives advice, judgment prediction with the help of knowledge base is called reasoning. some competitive exams conduct reasoning tests to measure intelligence.

2) Learning:

We are also learning ourselves, we gain skills, get knowledge from our experiences and situations. that is the sign of intelligence. 

we represent our knowledge or learning in many ways. in Artificial intelligence, Machines are also learned by themselves to perform a specific task.

3) Problem Solving:

 we all are facing many problems in our daily life and trying to solve them. 

there are many ways to solve a problem. we select a solution according to the situation. this is a kind of intelligence.

4) Perception:

we make a decision with the help of our mind and mind work according to our feelings and sensations. 

we adjust our body part using a sense like that, in Artificial Intelligence machines make a decision using perception i.e. Sensors.

5) Linguistic Intelligence:

Linguistic Intelligence means the ability to communicate with each other in a specific way or language using Natural Language Process-NLP.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Domain

Artificial Intelligence domain means the factors that are focused on AI. these factors are as follow.

1) Expert System:

we have already discussed the expert system. expert system means a Machine that can guide us, can give advice and communicate with us using the software knowledge base is called the expert system.

2) Artificial Neural Network (ANN):

our brain works through the Neuro system and processes with the help of Neurons the same way in AI machines work through Artificial Neural Network (ANN).

3) Fuzzy Logic:

we know boolean expressions in computer languages. in this system, there are only two values that are on and off or true and false or plus and minus but in AI fuzzy logic is a system that is flexible to make decisions.

e.g.T.V. may on or off that is the boolean value or expression but can increase or decrease the volume of T.V. step by step that is the Fuzzy Logic system. 

another example is A.C. (Air Conditioner) can increase of decrease Temperature automatically.

4) Natural Language Process(NLP):

we have already discussed NLP. Machines can communicate with us using NLP-Natural Language Process.

5) Robotics:

Robot is a Machine with Software Knowledge Base. Robots can work and interact like humans. today there are many fields in which Robots are used to perform many hard tasks.


so friends, in this article we have discussed what is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in details.
we hope you like this article. please share this article to your friends or students.

Thank you for your valuable time. 

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